Sunday, April 22, 2007


I'm flying through a new project - a sweater in buttery yellow edged in bright grassy green knit with love for me. The sweater will be seamless, and is being worked from the bottom up and I managed to finish the body (up to the underarms) in about a week.

It's amazing how quickly a project can be completed when you're not using laceweight wool.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Future yarn suppliers?

As I was freeing my camera of its photographic load I came across these photos, taken during a trip to pick up LS from multi-week house sitting gig about 45 minutes from here. The excuse for the trip was to pick up LS, the reality was that puppies are always cute. And these guys will get cuter by the day.

They're Samoyeds. At the time of their photo shoot they were a mere 26 hours old. They've got a couple of weeks on them now and I'm sure they're approaching the mini-polar bear stage.

Samyed fur can be blended with wool and spun into wonderfully soft yarns. LS has a pair of mittens that someone knit from a Samoyed/Merino blend. They're lovely and soft and felt just enough to keep out the wet. (And they don't smell like wet dog!)

I'm still not sold on knitting with dog yarn - but there's a steady supply close by if I decide to give it a try. These six little guys hang out with 14 of their buddies!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Because I really should be working

...why not catch up with some photos.

A little pink sweater with yellow sleeves:

A little purple sweater (and its matching hat) with little leaves:

The blue alpaca shawl was at a standstill for several weeks. I wasn't happy with the final results, and wasn't sure how to join the two halves in the middle. The solution hit late one night while I was staring at a blank wall - a completely different approach. So I'm re-knitting and much happier. No photos yet.