Thursday, May 31, 2007

Mitts for Mary

I'm knitting along with Poor Miss Finch and her Mitts for Mary and Fridays are knit-along days at her blog. Since we're in dramatically different time zones, and I can't post from work, I guess that makes Thursdays my knit-along day!

I've finished my first glove. Yeah for me. I'm using some Koigu-like merino in a lovely grapey-variegated shade. The tag is buried in the pile that masquerades as my desk - but it's the same gauge and needle size. I'm using the Knucks pattern from Knitty, with some modifications - primarily adjusting for gauge differentials and adding a picot edge. My first attempted was measured this morning on H's fine hands (since I'm pretty sure my hands are bigger than Mary's) - and it was trifle tight. So it was partially frogged and the first glove completed. I've got a bunch of ends yet to weave in. But let's call it done, OK?

I can't wait to finish the second. Largely because I splurged on some very nice silk for my second pair of gloves. If you have to wear gloves/mitts every day you might as well have something luxurious for special events. The silk is in a very pale grey and screaming out for some lace.

Of course it needs lace - if I'm knitting it, it's going to need some lace.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A note to the cats

Seeing the bottom of the bowl doesn't mean you're out of food. It just means that you've got to start digging in a new area of the bowl. If it really stresses you out that much, kick the side of the bowl to redistribute the food.

Now go to bed!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Alive and knitting

I can't believe it's been a month since I last blogged. I've been knitting - honest I have. Daffodil is on it's second incarnation and about to enter a third. I wasn't happy with the fit of the first version, so I tore it all apart and started over. I'm much, much happier with version two, but the neckline's been causing me distress. So I'm tearing her back to the start of the neckline and re-working (again).

No progress to report on the Alpaca shawl. I did the math I needed to do - now I need to finish Daffodil, and Mitts for Mary, and then the shawl. And my "homework" for knitting camp. Did I mention I'm going to knitting camp?

Things I have been working on:

A bear for Ki, made from the snowboots of her best friend who passed away in January:

A bunny for H, made for the top of the wall between our office cubicles. To replace the crappy paper drawing I had thrown up. I used the Purl bee pattern and had fun with the clothes. She has a Koigu sweater, stretch denim slacks with a grosgrain belt, a calico blouse and a glass bead necklace. The face is blank - I'm working on some removable expressions so we can keep her dynamic. Bunny remains upright thanks to a ruler jammed into her belt. She's very accomodating.

On Saturday Mum and I took a trip to Upper Canada Village to browse their heritage plant sale. I hung out at the wollen mill and visited with the sheep (of course) and bought some of their roving at the gift shop. If you're wondering, about half of their houses are wheelchair accesible, and the roads aren't hard to wheel on at all. Everyone at the village was lovely and accomodating when they saw me wheel up with mum and her chair. Here's a couple of pictures from our day out.

This one's my favourite. I think it's because she was ungarded - just being herself, not posing for the camera, not trying to be something she's not. There's something about this moment that seems really, well, Mum-like.