Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Thank you Santa.

Santa was very good to me this year.

This is my favourite Christmas photo - LS in her new pyjamas, sitting by our traditional christmas morning brunch (brie, smoked salmon, smoked salmon ring, warm baguette, coffee or tea, and whatever sweets were in our stockings), with Blue at her observation post in the dining room.

The cute brown purse that I've lusted after for several months someone made it's way under the tree, along with the amazing mug in the photo above. A closer look reveals the true charm - a little bird on the saucer:

Thank you Santa!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

For Ms. Naomi...

...who called to chat with Nadine and ended up talking blogs with me, some long overdue knitting content:

Patons Classic Wool, Leaf Green
Original Pattern
Picot edge

Status: Unsold, currently in the winter scarf pile

Manos del Uruguay, colour long forgotten
Based on pattern from Barbara G. Walker's book

Status: Unsold. Tucked away for future use.

Assorted Fibres in various shades of green

Status: To be gifted to Christine.

Linen Leaves
Euroflax Linen, Granite
Kidsilk Night, forgotten colour
Original Pattern

Status: SOLD!

Polka Dot
Handmaiden yarns, Silk and Wool blend
Original pattern

Status: Gifted to Gates for driving me home.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Do my eyes look any different?

No one prepared me for the smell...or maybe that's why I was told to breathe through my mouth. It's done - and now I feel as though I've had my contacts in for too long.

This, however, is how I felt when I got home after surgery: