Thursday, July 12, 2007

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

My bags are packed, I'm ready to go..

That's five balls of Patons Classic Merino, my in-flight reading, and the book of muses. The tickle trunk and a couple of WIP are tucked away in the suitcase. The Shoalwater Shawl is coming, as is Daffodil.

I'm off to camp! See you next week!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Two sleeps!

There are two sleeps left until I leave for knitting camp. I am so excited! My lovely non-knitting friends and colleagues have been so polite when I blather on about four days of knitting. Sigh. If only they understood...

I started one of the suggested projects last night. By the time I had finished casting on, I had already made two changes to the pattern. I'm halfway through the 10" body and will (hopefully) finish that off tonight, so I can focus on sleeves tomorrow. I should be finished by Friday morning...

My big dilemma right now is what to pack. Daffodil, of course, and the Shoalwater Shawl. The Blue alpaca shawl.

Lots of needles. My book of muses and my "tickle trunk" (the tackle box jammed full of knitting paraphenalia). Wool as recommended...but what else. How many projects does one bring?

Who cares about clothes - will I have enough room for my knitting??

(I checked, by the way. I can bring the needles in my carry-on even though they're considered "dangerous articles". I haven't yet decided if I'm going to chance it.)

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Oh Canada...

I celebrated Canada Day with a lie-in, several cheesy movies and Daffodil - who is finished. Her official first wearing took place as I drove LS to the Byward Market where she was meeting her friends to celebrate our national holiday.

The crowds on Parliament Hill never really have been my thing - and after living in the heart of the Byward Market for six years, and in or around Ottawa or all but 10 years of my life I've decided that a quiet day in the burbs is perfectly fine. I've taken in the festivities as a reveler and as a volunteer - Canada Day in the capital is a whole lot of fun. Hey - I even got to meet Glass Tiger (oh my god they have a website!) when I was a "greeter" at the airport. Now I'm delighted to get an extra day off!

So today I backstitched my way around Daffodil's neckline (twice, of course). And here she is:

I wasn't so sure about the neckline until I added a ribbon through neck casing, which cinched up the whole things and produced a sweater that I am thrilled with! (The photo doesn't accurately reflected the neckline, which is more boat neck, less scoop.) I'll probably play with the ribbon a bit - maybe shorten it or create a hook and eye type of closing. The body length is just right - I added about 2 inches in the final re-knitting and that made a big difference. I've learned so much from this sweater and I'm so pleased with the final result.