Thursday, September 28, 2006

No beef. No tofu. No plates.

Laurie Anne took me out to lunch today. She sounded so excited when she suggested Dim Sum, that I had to say yes. (But then again, why would anyone turn down Dim Sum?) She was certain a little place by the office would be fabulous and since it was close, why not give it a try.

No beef, no tofu, no plates. That was why.

To be fair, the food we did manage to order wasn't bad. We had to pick from a menu, which lacked the panache and excitement of watching Dim Sum carts go by and trying to guess what's what. I think our final meal consisted of pork dumplings (for Laurie Anne), shrimp shu mai, steamed vegetable buns, mixed vegetables in black bean sauce (from the regular menu), and Bubble teas.

Just getting the order in was a challenge. Each time we picked something it either only available with pork, and therefore not friendly, or not available at all. Communicating was a bit of a challenge and our waitress kept running back to the kitchen to check - often before we'd finished ordering. By the time she came back to tell us that the #100 (Tofu with green onions) wasn't available because they were out of tofu, we'd forgotten what we had ordered!

First to arrive were the pork dumplings in a huge steamer basket. There was no plate - so Laurie Anne drizzle the soy sauce right into the basket. She was almost done when the rest of the food arrived...but there were no plates or bowls. We both paused for a moment to figure out how to attack this. We asked for plates and received little bowls - apparently they were out of plates.

The bubble teas were good - but not at all what we expected. Laurie Anne was trying to order a plain one - green tea with the bubbles - and the waitress kept telling us that there was ice cream in the tea. Laurie Anne summoned up old memories and brought forth the correct words in chinese, the waitress was surprised and thrilled, and I was impressed. Suddenly it was not a problem at all - but we still ended up with bubble tea "milkshakes" rather than the plain tea that was requested. The milkshakes were probably the highlight of the meal.

I seem to recall that Laurie Anne doesn't have a very good track record when it comes to picking restaurants. There was the 1 hour grilled cheese sandwhich, and the farewell lunch that took place in a very dark basement pub on a beautiful summer day...

I've promised that I'll let her know when I'm heading out for Dim Sum. She really has to discover the wonder of wheeled carts stacked high with bamboo baskets that contain all kinds of mysterious and delicious bites.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

One stitch at a time.

This blog has been named after my cats, LC (aka Squishy, shown here in a semi-squished state) and Blue (appearing here in one of here rare awake moments).

They're cute, they purr, they have undignified nicknames. Enough said.

I've been knitting non-stop for the last four years and I've accumulated quite a list of finished obects. Despite that, I've only got one photo:

Voila - a variation on the Lady Eleanor Stole from Scarf Style. Knit in Noro Silk Garden, colour forgotten, but noted somewhere. I omitted the fringe since I'm not a fringe kind of girl, and made it wider than in the pattern. I knit until I was tired of knitting and then blocked the finished stole, which resulted in a lovely smooth fabric. I love, love, love this stole.

Projects currently on the go:
  • Original stole/shawl design in laceweight Alpaca, possibly for a LYS
  • Shoalwater Shawl in MegaBoots sock yarn (almost done)
  • Mystery project - Mum's Christmas present, DK weight Briggs and Little in a tweedy purple
There's so much more I want to knit, and so many designs I want to develop. Sigh. One stitch at time, one project at a time.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Onwards and upwards

I've been contemplating a blog for awhile and I'm still of two minds about it. Does the world really need another blog? Or, worse yet, a knitting blog? Do I really have anything worthwhile to say? Does anyone want to listen? It's too soon to tell.

What I can tell you is this: For whatever reason, my paper journal has been ignored for several months. I've actually dragged it everywhere I've been for the last 6 months and haven't once cracked the pages. I even bought a bigger totebag to accomodate the journal, the calendar and the book of knitting muses. And still, not a single scribble on the squared pages. Not even a random phone number or grocery list. The journal is amazingly and completely blank.

Knowing, as I do, that my sanity rests in my ability to write and knit, this inability or unwillingness to write on paper has been frustrating and stressful. So, in an attempt to keep me writing I've joined the ranks of the bloggers. No longer will I be "blogless Suzette".

It is Monday, September 25, 2006 and I am a blogger. Oh my goodness, what have I done?