Tuesday, December 12, 2006

For Ms. Naomi...

...who called to chat with Nadine and ended up talking blogs with me, some long overdue knitting content:

Patons Classic Wool, Leaf Green
Original Pattern
Picot edge

Status: Unsold, currently in the winter scarf pile

Manos del Uruguay, colour long forgotten
Based on pattern from Barbara G. Walker's book

Status: Unsold. Tucked away for future use.

Assorted Fibres in various shades of green

Status: To be gifted to Christine.

Linen Leaves
Euroflax Linen, Granite
Kidsilk Night, forgotten colour
Original Pattern

Status: SOLD!

Polka Dot
Handmaiden yarns, Silk and Wool blend
Original pattern

Status: Gifted to Gates for driving me home.

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