Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Blogging seems more challenging these days. I have ideas and make notes, but nothing makes it here and I'm beginning to find that frustrating.

Work is going well. My new position has me swamped, and I'm loving that. It's challenging and interesting, and I still make a difference. Joining such a large team (there are 14 people, plus me), has me a little spooked. I don't want to step on anyone's toes (as I have in the past) - and I can do that so easily. More than once I've realized that I'm holding back and hiding the background, almost afraid of not being wecomed. I'm not too sure how to overcome that.

On a lighter note, I had lunch with a friend and her daughters about two weeks ago. Both daughters (10 and 18) used the word passionate where others have used love. As in I'm passionate about bread" (the example that caught my attention at lunch. I really liked the way the word was used. I tend to feel that love is overused - can I really love my new cushions? But I am passionate about knitting, and books, and those fuzzy cats of mine. Passionate captures so much more. It's how I want to live. It's how I want to be.


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