Thursday, September 06, 2007

Kitty swears and other adventures

Squish fell off something last week and ended up with a gimpy leg. When I first saw her she was dragging her left leg behind her and I launched into full panic mode. After a $100 vet visit and a prescription for 4 days worth of kitty aspirin, I returned home with a very quiet cat. Unless she was shifting her weight onto the left side - and the noises that sounded suspiciously like kitty swears. Really, really nasty kitty swears. She seems to be better (she has cleaned up her language) and the limp is not as pronounced. It was hard to see my Squishy in pain - and everything time I look at her I know that buried deep within her furry soul is trucker waiting to be released. (I'll bet she's got a pack of cigarettes and some tattoos under all that fur.)

I still haven't found the camera charger, but I did borrow a friend's - so here is the Blue Alpaca Shaw that needs a name.


gail said...

Gorgeous shawl.

Suzette said...

Thanks! It's the piece I was working on at knitting camp.