Wednesday, October 24, 2007

LS was here

Since her move to Montreal earlier this year, LS visits us once or twice a month. It's always a delight to have her around - I think she's more herself now than at any time since Mum's stroke and it's really neat to see that part of her.

As I cast on for a new piece, it's not unusual to hear LS call out "That would look perfect with my (insert corresponding garment here)". She's always right and it's hard not to hand over the finished piece knowing that it will be well loved and worn often.

During her last visit, she browsed through some of the pattern books that I had left in the living room. I'd forgotten that she leaves a calling card:

I'd also forgotten that most of my pattern books have stickies like this. I know I won't get to all of the projects, but I'll never move the stickies.

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