Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I was...

I was going to post on how I spent my summer holidays (besides losing myself in the Versus Tour France broadcasts.)

I was going to tell you about leaving a meeting on Monday with the profound realization that my job no longer suits me.

I was going to try and explain why I'm thinking about jumping ship, moving to Wordpress, and changing the name of my blog, despite technical difficulties.

But now, all I can tell you is that very old and dear friend found me through my pretty much inactive Facebook account. I wept with relief as I read her message and discovered that she found her true love and has a wonderful and amazing life. (She, more than anymore, deserves those gifts.)

When we lost touch with each other, it seemed the right thing to do at the time even though it created a huge void in my life. I'm missed the comfort of that friendship tremendously over the last couple of years and, lame as it sounds, I've been wishing that our paths would cross again. Not just wishing, but actually speaking her name out loud and asking her to find me.

And she found me.

Cool, eh?

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