Thursday, May 31, 2007

Mitts for Mary

I'm knitting along with Poor Miss Finch and her Mitts for Mary and Fridays are knit-along days at her blog. Since we're in dramatically different time zones, and I can't post from work, I guess that makes Thursdays my knit-along day!

I've finished my first glove. Yeah for me. I'm using some Koigu-like merino in a lovely grapey-variegated shade. The tag is buried in the pile that masquerades as my desk - but it's the same gauge and needle size. I'm using the Knucks pattern from Knitty, with some modifications - primarily adjusting for gauge differentials and adding a picot edge. My first attempted was measured this morning on H's fine hands (since I'm pretty sure my hands are bigger than Mary's) - and it was trifle tight. So it was partially frogged and the first glove completed. I've got a bunch of ends yet to weave in. But let's call it done, OK?

I can't wait to finish the second. Largely because I splurged on some very nice silk for my second pair of gloves. If you have to wear gloves/mitts every day you might as well have something luxurious for special events. The silk is in a very pale grey and screaming out for some lace.

Of course it needs lace - if I'm knitting it, it's going to need some lace.

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Laura A said...

I like it! I'd love to see it on a hand, I'll bet it's really pretty. Thanks for participating!