Sunday, February 24, 2008

I've been updating my Ravelry page today and figured I might as well catch up here as well.

In addition to the sweaters for my intermediate knitting class:

I met the Bunnies who will wear the tiny sweaters:

They've taken over Blue's observation spot in the living room and are wondering when the snow will go away. Blue declared her intention to sleep until the grass returned and promptly retreated to the basement where she noisily kicked Squish out of her bed and claimed the warm spot. Squish is now hiding in the mess of blankets on my bed and isn't looking too happy.

While Blue slept and Squished pouted, I have made significant progress on Coquette, Coquille and Sunset.

Coquette will grow up to be a Soy Silk stole with a bank of ruffles on each end. The first set of ruffles is about two thirds done. It's an easy to remember repeat and, since each ruffle is shorter than the last, it gets faster to knit as you progress. Here's a close up and a photo with my hand for scale.

I'm loving everything about this Coquette, including the fact that I (finally) have found a use for one of my adorable Matt and Nat nesting handbags.

It's the perfect size for Coquette and, because the clasp is magnetic, I don't have to worry about catching the yarn accidentally. I grabbed it on my way out to Knit and Drink night when I realized that the ZipLock bag I had been dragging around was full of holes. Now Coquette travels with me in style!

Progress on Coquille is slow but steady. I changed my mind on the body decreases and ended up ripping back about two inches. That's 400 stitches times two inches - I can't bear to mesure it in feet, but I'm guessing it could be. It's taken me the better part of a week to catch up. I keep reminding myself that the sleeves are done and the finished product will be worth the slog. Besides, the colours remind me of a hummingbird. Who wouldn't want to knit that?

Sunrise (or sunset, I can't decide) is awesome. So soft with lovely colour transitions. I'm forever tempted to rip it out and add a dramatic pattern, but I'm just so enjoying the simplicity of the scarf. I've reached a heartbreakingly beautiful band of yellow that I wish would go on forever.

I'm so enjoying everything on the needles that it's hard to chose what to work on. I find myself jumping from one project to the next. Sigh.

So much wool, so little time.

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middlevillage said...

I LOVE that sheepy sweater!!