Wednesday, March 05, 2008

In like a lion...

I knew there was a storm coming. It wasn't a complete surprise. But when I stood at the front door listening to the ice clicking against the house and staring at the driveway filled with snow, I knew it was going to be a snow day. So I called in "wimpy" and went back to bed. As did the cats. (There was no need for them to call in wimpy, so they just went back to bed.)

March has arrived, but winter won't go. This is most distressing. We have had more than 300 cm of snow this year - that's close to 10 feet - and there's more on the way. My snowplow guy has invoked his "too much snow" clause and asked for more money and me, well, I'm done with winter. Who do I send the memo to?

On a lighter note, I spent last Thursday and Friday at the North Grenville Curling Club watching the provincial wheelchair curling championship. Mum's team did not make the finals, but they seem to have had a good time.

I spent most of Thursday like this:

And most of Friday like this:

By mid-day Friday, I was joined by a volunteer who as working on a lovely short-row dishcloth. (I have to say that the curling club were the most gracious hosts. Everyone was friendly and welcoming. It was a delight to hang out with them for two days.)

I used the time to bone up on my curling language. Now I can talk about the hack, hog line and hammer without feeling too stupid. I had to ask about in-turn, out-turn, biter and tee line, while take out seemed pretty obvious to me. I still don't understand why a stone thrown too quickly has too much weight, while a slow rock is light, but I accept it.

Confused? Definitions can be found here. And if you're wondering the Leaside team from Toronto were the victors and will head off to the Nationals in Winnipeg. (Go Ontario!)

If you're a curler, but you've never seen wheelchair curling in action, think about this. They throw the rock from the hog line with a stick and there is no sweeping. And they make shots like this (Mum's throw, by the way):

and this:

No sweeping. Just one push from the hog line. Can you do that?

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